• Question: Are you working on a lot of projects?

    Asked by Star2006 to Eimear, James, Jonathan, Lána, Willi on 27 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Eimear Tuohy

      Eimear Tuohy answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      Yes. Right now I’m working on 4 projects and doing a few other little jobs to contribute to scientific papers.

    • Photo: William O'Connor

      William O'Connor answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      Right now I’m working on three or four projects.
      That does not mean that I’m in charge of all these projects, or doing everything.
      Most engineering projects need a team of people, with different people working on different aspects.
      So your work is like a “mini-project” which is part of a bigger project.
      That adds to the fun. Other people are helping you and you are helping other people, and it all has to come together at the end.

    • Photo: Lána Salmon

      Lána Salmon answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      I suppose I am – my PhD is 4 years of research focused on a particular project. My project is split into two halves – robotic telescopes to look at gravitational wave sources, and working on our satellite EIRSAT-1. Aside from this I love doing outreach work, so I like visiting schools and coming up with ways to tell the public about space.

    • Photo: James Geary

      James Geary answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      No, I work on 1 project at the moment (for the last 7 years). The project, MTG (MeteoSat Third Generation) has 2 missions and 6 spacecrafts that launch over 20 years the first one to go up in 2021. We are in Phase C, the Development phase but are fast approaching Phase D gate review CDR (critical design review), for the end of this year.