• Question: have you ever got a chance to send a satellite to space?

    Asked by football13 to Eimear, James, Jonathan, Lána, Willi on 27 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: James Geary

      James Geary answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      yes, I worked on the following spacecrafts that have already launched:
      METOP B
      ATV Jules Verne
      MSG 3
      MSG 4
      Herschel Planck
      Sentinel 2

      The following I have also worked on and are due to launch in the coming years:
      METOP C
      Solar Orbiter

    • Photo: Lána Salmon

      Lána Salmon answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      Thankfully the EIRSAT-1 team are getting the chance to send a satellite to space. We’re students from UCD and we applied to the European Space Agency’s Fly Your Satellite! Programme, and we got in! Now we are designing the satellite and ESA will help us launch it to the International Space Station and then it will be put in orbit. It’s really cool to be doing this for the first time in Ireland, and since we’re not experts, we’re learning!

    • Photo: William O'Connor

      William O'Connor answered on 27 Feb 2018:

      My answer regarding satellites would be similar to Lana’s.
      All my other space related work was on control of launchers, robotic arms and large space structures.